Hidden Disabilities: Problematic Psychiatric Symptoms That May Not Be Diagnosed Or Treated Jul 24, 2024 09:00 am - 03:00 pm

This course will cover the most prevalent information regarding Hidden Disabilities in Juveniles and Adults in the mental health and substance-using populations that present in the treatment and criminal justice populations.  A review of common signs, symptoms, and current medications will be reviewed.  This course will be interactive utilizing lecture, small and large group discussions, case studies, and film vignettes to reinforce the materials presented.

Educational Objectives

1. To identify prevalent symptoms of Hidden Disabilities

2. To overview the main categories of the substances of abuse and their impact on Hidden Disabilities in Juveniles and/or Adults

3. To review the most common medications used to treat Hidden Disabilities in Juveniles and Adults

4. To discuss the best practice models relevant to the most prevalent diagnoses in the target population



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