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Start Aug 25, 2021
$ 85.00

Current Street Drugs and Medically Assisted Treatment

This course will review the new diagnostic criteria in the DSM-V related to substance use disorders as well as each of the major categories of the substances of abuse. The substances reviewed will include narcotics, the stimulants, sedative-hypnotics including alcohol, hallucinogens, as well as the latest designer drugs.

Start Sep 21, 2021
$ 85.00

The Developmental Spectrum of ADHD in Adolescents and Adults

This course will cover an overview of the diagnoses of ADD and ADHD in childhood through adulthood. 

Start Oct 27, 2021
$ 85.00

Overview of Psychiatric Medications

This course will cover the most prevalent DSM-5 diagnoses present in the mental health and substance using populations which present in treatment and criminal justice populations. 

Start Nov 10, 2021
$ 85.00

Understand the Impact of Social Media on the Development of Anxiety and Depression

This course will review the development of social media and its impact on the socialization process. The issues of “present” relationships versus “virtual” relationships and their impact on psychological development will be addressed.

Start Dec 8, 2021
$ 85.00

Domestic Violence: Gender Differences in Perpetrators

This course specifically covers the most current information regarding domestic violence as perpetrated by those across the gender spectrum.  Effective means of intervention with, and support of, the victims will be discussed.