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Start May 25, 2022
$ 85.00

Trauma, Substance Abuse, and the Brain: DSM 5 Diagnoses and Trauma Treatment Intervention

The information presented in this training will include the influence of brain development and chemistry on the decision-making and behaviors of clients as it relates to trauma exposure as children, adolescents, and adults.
Start Jun 22, 2022
$ 85.00

Vicarious Trauma: Managing the Fire Without Getting Burned by the Flames

This course reviews the impact of vicarious trauma, countertransference, and compassion fatigue on the burnout process.
Start Jul 24, 2022
$ 85.00

July 27, 2022 Cluster B Personality Disorders

This course will review the dynamics that exist when service providers encounter individuals with various “subclinical” mental health symptoms ranging from trauma-inducing environmental challenges to those of mental health disorders and substance use disorders.

Start Aug 24, 2022
$ 85.00

Hidden Disabilities

This course will cover the most prevalent DSM-V diagnoses present in the Psychotic Bipolar, Depressive, and Anxiety Disorders chapters. A review of common signs, symptoms, and current medications will be reviewed.
Start Sep 28, 2022
$ 85.00

Intergenerational Trauma

This training will focus on complex ethical and boundary issues and problem-solving with challenging client dynamics, new technology, and varying roles in the behavioral health field.

Start Oct 26, 2022
$ 85.00

Ethics and Boundaries for Behavioral Health Professionals

This training will focus upon complex ethical and boundary issues and problem solving with challenging client dynamics, new technology, and varying roles in the behavioral health field.

Start Nov 30, 2022
$ 85.00

Current Street Drugs, Medically Assisted Treatment, and Psychiatric Medications

This course will review the new diagnostic criteria in the DSM-V related to the substance use disorders as well as each of the major categories of the substances of abuse. The substances reviewed will include the narcotics, the stimulants, the sedative-hypnotics including alcohol, the hallucinogens, as well the latest designer drugs and prescription medications. In addition, the medications used to assist clients in stabilization and recovery from the substance use disorders will be overviewed (MATS)

Start Dec 28, 2022
$ 85.00

Understand the Impact of Social Media on the Development of Anxiety and Depression

This course will review the development of social media and its impact on the socialization process. The issues of “present” relationships versus “virtual” relationships and their impact on psychological development will be addressed.