Prevention Services

Latino Community Services offers a variety of HIV prevention services for people at-risk of infection. These programs target people who have high-risk sexual relationships and substance users/abusers.

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Community Services

Latino Community Services offers services that go beyond HIV/AIDS. For example, clients in need can obtain free food at the LCS food pantry. Others are eligible for job training and placement assistance.

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Services for HIV/AIDS+

Living with HIV/AIDS can make life very complicated. Latino Community Services provides people living with HIV/AIDS with the highest level of service so that they can improve or maintain their quality of life.

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Education and Outreach

The “¡Protégete!” Campaign

Latino Community Services’ multimedia “¡Protégete!” (“Protect Yourself!”) campaign informs Latinos aged 50 and older about the risks of HIV/AIDSA infection and about HIV/AIDS prevention programs, testing and other services available to them.

The LCS outreach campaign is the first in the nation to target Latinos aged 50 and over.

LCS is committed to challenging the HIV/AIDS-related misinformation, stigma and discrimination that older Latino must deal with in today’s world.

Key elements of the “¡Protégete!” campaign include:

  • Buses: Eye-catching AIDS/HIV messages on the outside of Hartford’s Connecticut Transit buses
  • Radio: Hard-hitting public service ads on area radio stations
  • Television: Accessible TV ads featuring real people from local communities
  • Social Media: Intensive outreach using Facebook and other popular social media platforms

 “A growing number of people aged 50 and older in the United States are living with HIV infection. People aged 55 and older accounted for almost one-fifth (19%, 217,000) of the estimated 1.1 million people living with HIV infection in the United States in 2010.”

   ~ Centers for Disease Control and Prevention



Community Partners

Latino Community Services

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Monday through Friday
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